Well, here we are, it’s 2014 – and our “Year of Retreats”.

If you’ve never taken a retreat, this may be just the right time to discover the potential benefits of taking time out to be with God in new and renewing ways. We’re hoping to encourage and resource this kind of spiritual enrichment this year, throughout the United Reformed Church and beyond. During these times of budget cuts and rationalisations, it becomes clear that getting the focus right is key – and we believe that it’s vital for the future of the church that we do all we can to support spiritual growth, so we’ve made that our top priority for the next twelve months.

A retreat doesn’t have to be a big single event – there are now many ways of taking a “retreat in daily life”, which might involve regular, time-tabled quiet sessions to fit around your usual life, making it a great option for the many people who wouldn’t be able to manage a big block of time out or the cost of a residential stay at a retreat house. For more information about all kinds of retreats, you might like to explore the Retreat Association website, which offers a wide range of introductory information: http://www.retreats.org.uk/leaflets.html

If you’d like to find out more about retreats, you could also consider making contact with the URC Retreats Group, who could give you more information about what’s happening within the United Reformed Church in your area: http://www.urc-retreat-group.org.uk/contact.htm

At the Windermere Centre, we’re offering a wide range of retreats: there are several guided retreats in our Programme of Events 2013-14, details of which can be found by going to our list of courses and clicking on “Retreats”. We’re also available to resource personal or group retreats. For more information please contact us on 01539444902 or by emailing windermere.centre@gmail.com.